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This memorial website was created in the memory of our beloved son, Brandon Murphy. It is our intent to have one place where Brandon's family and friends can go to enter thoughts or favorite stories about him; send favorite photos; and get updates about the trial process. Many people tell us that they think about him all the time. Here is your opportunity to let us know that. You can't imagine how important it is for us to know that you are thinking of him.

Brandon was born on March 12, 1982 and was brutally murdered on December 18, 2004. Brandon was a loving, trusting, caring person; qualities which contributed to his death. In trying to help someone in need he paid the ultimate price with his life.

Being the mother of a dead child is worse than all the cliches' say it is. Being the mother of a murdered child is even worse. Someone plotted and planned to intentionally kill your child. It wasn't about money; it wasn't about revenge; it wasn't about honor; it was about the thrill of taking a life. This had nothing to do with God wanting another angel, this had to do with evil.

Losing a child makes you feel utterly empty, like a hand scooped out your insides - your heart and soul - and left you looking the same but not ever being the same again. We hope you will help with the emptiness by participating in this website.
Tributes and Condolences
Twelve Years, Still Hurts   / Trena Nesler (Mother)
Ask my Mom how she is My mom, she tells a lot of lies; Than she never did before; From now until she dies; She'll tell a whole lot more; Ask my Mom how she is; And because she can't explain; She will tell you a white lie; Because she ...  Continue >>
My Deepest Sympathies and Thoughts   / Jonathan Stettin
Trena, I am speechless and heartbroken at your loss. Your son sounds like a fine young man I'd have been proud and fortunate to know. I look at it that this senseless and unnecessary evil is proof of God's existence and not the opposite. I pray He gi...  Continue >>
Mrs.  / Kasey Repass (Friend of mom )
Thinking of you today and always❤️ You know I am always here for you. Xo
Forever Missing You   / Tabbs Hempstock (friend)
Brandon, The last quarter of the year is always the hardest part of the year for me because it was our most favorite time of the year. I miss getting excited about it with you and every time I see or have a great idea for us to do, I have to stop ...  Continue >>
Happy Birthday   / Mom (Mom)
Happy Birthday, Sweetheart. You're always on my mind and in my prayers. You are sorely missed. Love you always, Mom
Can you believe it?  / Tabbs (((friend)))    Read >>
Thank you for being you  / Heather Auburn Blumenfeld (Acquaintance/Friend of Tabb's )    Read >>
I Love You  / Trena (Mom)    Read >>
Birthday / Trena (Mom)    Read >>
murphymc@missouri.ed--u / Mackensie Murphy     Read >>
Happy New Years Brandon  / Tabbs (friend)    Read >>
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