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Tabbs (friend) lit a candle on 08/27/2010: "Going through old pictures.... Miss you so much!"
Vicki Hoekenga lit a candle on 06/05/2010: "Brandon I was thinking about you today and praying for all the people who still love you so--Aunt Vic"
Lori Holbein lit a candle on 03/12/2010: "Happy Birthday Brandon your Mom is in our thoughts and prayers today. Words cant express how much she misses you. :("
Tabbs (friend) lit a candle on 03/12/2010: "Happy Birthday Brandon! I'm going to the zoo today & will be sure to hit up the kiddie park for you!"
Tabbs (friend) lit a candle on 02/13/2010: "News of UC student Makie Coney's murder have really brought things to the surface again. I can't understand people."
Julie Carey lit a candle on 02/06/2010: "A storm of terror,sympathy,&gui--ltassaulted me when I heard what Kara did 2 u.She tried 2 stab me yrs earlier&m/b if.."
Tabbs (friend) lit a candle on 12/28/2009: "Thanks for the Publix Cookies Brandon! (It completely goes against my diet!)"
Susan Burns lit a candle on 12/27/2009: "Thinking of you and your family at this Holiday season."
Lori Holbein lit a candle on 12/16/2009: "I didn't know you in life but feel like I know you through your mom's spirit and look forward to meeting you in heaven."
Paige Kruger lit a candle on 12/16/2009: "Trina, Remember this week what you learned in 90 minutes in Heaven, and that Brandon is waiting for you and is happy."
Tabbs (friend) lit a candle on 12/15/2009: "Not a day that goes by that you're not thought of. Please be with your parents this week especially."
Amanda Parker lit a candle on 12/13/2009: "I came across a Mega Man game today.Things just arent the same without you. Much luv to the Murphy and Nesler families"
Mae lit a candle on 12/05/2009: "This Amanda Knox business made me think of you..."
Digit Press lit a candle on 11/05/2009: "Your friends at DP miss you and are thinking about you & your family."
Laura Berthet lit a candle on 10/26/2009: "was thinking of you today. i really miss you! i still have the duct tape wallet you made me haha. life isn't fair"
Brandon Murphy lit a candle on 09/09/2009: "For the Brandon w/ my name, that i never knew. Im sorry my friend. And i know things are better for you now."
Vicki Hoekenga lit a candle on 08/06/2009: "Thinking about you Brandon and the fun vacations we had in the summer. God Bless--Aunt Vic"
Ben Easter lit a candle on 07/05/2009: "I am happy I had the opportunity to learn of this page & see Brandon's photography...he was amazing! thinking of you bud"
Sharon Jackson lit a candle on 04/22/2009: "Hi, Brandon. I want you and your family to know that I think about you often. I'll never forget how special you are."
Steph lit a candle on 03/13/2009: "Happy Birthday, Brandon. I feel your presence today and it makes me miss you. I will always love you."
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