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Susan Barbiero lit a candle on 06/24/2006: "Brandon, I want to thank you for showing Steph true love. She smiles every time she hears your name. We all miss you."
Vicki(Benjamin Riley Bernard Ogier's) Mum lit a candle on 06/13/2006: "Sleep well in heaven Brandon, keep an eye on my lil man Benjamin x"
Your Mom lit a candle on 04/22/2006: "I love and miss you, Brandon. This was an especially tough week, please help me find peace and comfort. Love, Mom"
Lisa Copeland Rest In Peace lit a candle on 03/18/2006: "healing and positive thoughts for me. I'm just feeling so emotionally and mentally"
Missy Pamela-summitts Daug lit a candle on 01/24/2006: "Please know you are thought about and prayed for"
Ellen Murphy lit a candle on 01/20/2006: "I DO feel your emptiness and pain. My Morgen left on 8/13/05. God Bless you and your family."
Debbie Wengert lit a candle on 01/16/2006: "Thinking of you and your family Brandon."
Melody Bett lit a candle on 01/08/2006: "I can only pretend to know what you are going through, espcially at the holidays. My thoughts/prayers are with you all."
Mackensie Murphy lit a candle on 01/05/2006: "Brandon, even though i did not know you that well i miss you"
Lisa Copeland Chain Of Comfort lit a candle on 01/01/2006: "Saddened hearts are healed In knowing the pain of life is over And the beauty of the soul revealed."
Harriet Conn (angel Mom) lit a candle on 12/22/2005: "So sorry for your loss. I know the pain you feel especially during the holidays. God bless you & your family."
Mishell Penney lit a candle on 12/21/2005: "Don't know what else to say except that I miss you. I hope you know just how much you touched my life and ment to me."
Delia, Allan Tomlin Mum lit a candle on 12/17/2005: "My thoughts are with you & your family & friends Brandon, God Bless you xxx"
Susan Murphy(a Passer By) lit a candle on 12/16/2005: "I will pray that your burden will lessen. So sorry for your loss."
Nancy (Dustin's Mom) Davis lit a candle on 12/12/2005: "Thinking about you today and your family. Let them feel your presence. God Bless."
Steph lit a candle on 12/09/2005: "Everyday is tough... but yesterday & today were especially hard. Brandon, we miss and love you always."
Diane Cassidy- Angel Mom-Katie lit a candle on 12/02/2005: "Precious Angel Brandon....I'm lighting this candle in Honor of you!!"
Steph lit a candle on 11/30/2005: "Every time I listen to Mitch Hedberg I think of you. Thank you for making me laugh every day! Miss you."
Diane Cassidy- Angel Mom-Katie lit a candle on 11/27/2005: "May god bring your family comfort to help ease the pain of the holidays!!"
Heather Quisenberry lit a candle on 11/25/2005: "(greiving mom) God bless u & your family. May the Lord bless & keep u. I pray 4 justice, peace and comfort."
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