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Special Connection  / Ben Easter (Friend)
Months ago I found myself on my way from Los Angeles to Chicago to be a part of my best friends wedding. Damen was getting married. This was an important time for him as well as me. I had the opportunity to meet all sorts of folks from all over the place. All sorts of family and all sorts of friends from Damen's side as well as Collettes. Everyone was so welcoming and fun. But probably the most fun person I had the chance to meet was Brandon Murphy. Brandon and I had a special connection. Brandon loved films and since I am an actor, I love films too. Brandon and I spent time discussing our favorite topic and sharing new films the other hadn't seen yet. He was so mature and seemed so responsible for his age. I was so impressed with him. He knew when the party was over (didn't even drink), made sure everyone was accounted for and was just so very nice. Ever since we met we kept in touch via e-mail letting eachother know how the other was doing and about what film the other needed to see. He explained to me how happy he was to meet his beautiful girlfriend, and how happy he was to have her in his life. He explained how life was so much fun with her. I told him to enjoy every minute of it because not everybody in the world gets a chance to have that happiness. Brandon reminded me how important it is to truly be passionate and let yourself go. How important it is to love and let eachother know how much we love them. Thank you Brandon for reminding me, my friend. Ben
"He Got It"  / JOHN KRAWCZYK (Friend)
Miss Him  / Mae Larimore (Cousin)
I think about him every day and will for the rest of my life...
Longed to be British  / Stephanie Renfroe (Finacee')
Brandon American born… Longed to be British. Large and powerful yet gentle and kind. Fascinated by macabre comics, video games and art, yet easily frightened by an episode of the X-files. Always embraced and sought to understand everyone…. misunderstood by many. Looked very dapper in a suit and tie, felt most comfortable in a Simpson tee shirt First to note the best qualities in others, rarely saw any in himself. Self-proclaimed master of rhythm yet couldn’t carry a tune. Always kept a positive attitude…with a certain underlying sadness. Loved to pepper his sentences with rarely used English vernacular… but don’t ask him to spell them. Accepted everyone regardless of past transgressions yet found it difficult to forgive himself. Eager to help those in need as long as it didn’t require strenuous physical activity. Intelligent, rational and introspective … yet loved to get lost in a Looney Tune cartoon. Rich in video games, comics, music and movies … yet short on funds when paying for gas, food and other necessities. Would rather be lost in a room full of people than face to face with himself …alone. He trusted everyone until they proved themselves untrustworthy. Some would say that this was his downfall. I believe this quality is what made him so unique. He’d always ask me what I loved most about him. I loved everything mentioned above and many other qualities that are inexplicable. Brandon, thank you for all the memories. I thank God for every precious day that we were able to be together and enjoy this world. You taught me how to love beyond all measure.
Sweet Soul  / Gracie Peterson (Friend)
I am so grateful that I was blessed to have Brandon as a friend. Although it has been several years since we last spoke, he made a lasting impression on my life. He had a unique way of making others feel special and loved; his heart was so beautiful. Now his sweet soul can forever be at peace in Heaven and I look forward to seeing him again.
Unique Individual  / Lars Galyan (Principal)
My heart was and has been very heavy since learning of Brandon's passing. He was truly a unique individual that pushed others to evaluate conformity to the "norm". He did not easily accept the mainstream and for that his legacy will be one that challenges all of us to be ourselves, love life, and care for others. For that is what Brandon stood for and will be remembered best for. My prayer for your family is for one of comfort from the great comforter--Jesus Christ. Brandon has left an indelible mark on University Christian School and the community of Jacksonville. God Bless You. Mr. Galyan Middle School/High School Principal University Christian School
Wonderful Soul  / Jackie Fogelsonger (Friend)
had the honer of having Brandon in my life when I truly needed something to have hope in. When I was attending Mandarin High, I met Brandon and fell in love with his smile and his humor. Although, after he moved and I graduated, I let our friendship slip. But from time to time, when I would pass his church or see something funny he would like, I would think of him. I was sadden to learn about this horriffic situation to late to say goodbye to him, but I know that he knows that he was loved as is going to be missed and was never and is never going to be forgotten. Thank you for rasing such a wonderful soul and person, he saved my life when I needed to be saved, and I will always cherish the small time we had together
Condolences / Becky And Ken Uibel (Friend)
We did not know Brandon for a long time. We saw him only periodically, and when we did get to see him, our time together was brief. Yet we are better people for having known him, and the world is a sadder place for having lost him. Our most heartfelt condolences to his entire family.
God Bless  / Debra (DeKay) Billard (Friend)
Dear Trena, Chris and family, I was so very sorry to hear of your loss. I remember Brandon spending the weekend with us when he was about 5 years old, and we were amazed at his energy and enthusiasm for life. May God bless you and comfort you. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Love, Deb
A Gentle Giant  / Tony Pauza (Friend)
I only knew him a short time but I do know how great a guy he was. He was as everyone said yesterday at the funeral "a gentle giant". He was a great guy and he loves us all.
Someone To Talk To  / Jennifer Hinton (Beardsley) (Friend)
Brandon was a great guy, someone you talk to about anything. He will be missed by all. I went to school with him, and he was great always smiling even when he was having a bad, knew how to get people to laugh. My Pray and thought are with you all. Jennifer
We were blessed  / LaTwan Holland (Friend)
No words can express how sad it is that Brandon's gone, he will be missed by friends that knew him well and others that were blessed by his presence for the brief time he was in their life. I will miss the many discussions we've had and the witty banter we exchanged in everything from video games to life. ~you will be missed~
Super Nice Guy  / Gregg Keefer (Friend)
I was so very sorry to hear of your loss. Brandon was a super nice guy and I will miss seeing him around the comic shops in town. His enthusiasms were infectious to say the least and I had many fun and interesting conversations with him. I will miss that.
Be Proud  / Kebbe Covington (Friend)
Chris Lisa, Trena and Ron I remember the first time I met Brandon...standing in line at school. He was holding your hand Chris and Chase was holding mine. We struck up a conversation and a new friendship. I still see Brandon with that sweet shy smile looking up at me and at Chase, so open for a new friendship. Time and distance have kept us apart. I look at the grown up picture of Brandon so handsome with the same sweet smile. I will always hold him in my heart though as the sweet smiling six year old so ready for life and new things. Cherish all the things that Brandon brought to your life. Chris and Trena..the best of both of you shone through in proud. Love you both. My heart is full for you. Kebbe
Our Friend  / Clinton And Sonya Parker (Friends)
Brandon Our friend we shall miss you. We were proud of the man that you had become. We will miss the many debates that we had on many things and your wit and charm. We know that the Lord has welcomed you with open arms. You will forever be in our hearts.
A Sweet Gentle Spirit  / Diane Spann (Teacher)
To all of Brandon's Family: My heart hurts with yours...Brandon was my student, a joy to my heart, and truly a sweet, gentle spirt. I have so many dear memories of him....his creativity in English class (his "dramatic" interpretations); the conversations he and I had about all the "deep things"; the undeniable gift God gave him for creative writing; how The Sword staff was so blessed by his initiative and fun. I can still see him as he came in my office here at UC last year and I gave him a hug and we talked about his life. What a tender, compassionate young man...I will miss him..May our Heavenly Father, who knew the loss of his Son, wrap all of you in His gentle, loving arms and hold you close until the storm passes by...Mrs. Spann, University Christian
Great Friend  / Chris Cumbie (Friend)
Brandon was an amazing person. He was smart, funny, and a great friend. I'll miss his humor, his love for video games, and his spikey hair. To the family: I will be in constant prayer for you. Know that he is in Heaven and is waiting for all of us to join him in the arms of Christ. God is our strength, our refuge, our rock, and will hold our hand through EVERY situation. I loved Brandon, and I know that he is resting in the arms of Jesus. In his memory, "Bow the Knee!" -God Meant It for Good.
Thank you  / Ashley Lucynski (Friend)
Altho I only met Brandon a handful of times, his passing has left a mark on me. I can see the effect he had on so many of our mutual friends and their sadness is infectious. Each time I spoke with him, I was refreshed at how honest and genuine he was. I know it will take a great while before the community has gotten over this tragedy, but in that time Brandon and his memory will stay with us and still be an active member of society. I am glad that Brandon touched my life, if only briefly. Thank you for bringing him into this world and sharing him with the rest of us.
Can you believe it?  / Tabbs (((friend)))
Dear Brandon, The world now has Pokemon that you can really chase after and catch with your phone and you can take online classes as an aspiring wizard trough Hogwarts; or even the the US school of Ilvermorny! (I was sorted into the "Thunderbird" house, btw) Not to mention, there's an actual amusement park for Harry Potter in Orland with working wands! Lego has its own theme park in Florida now as well. Oh, and how about the two Star Wars theme parks that are opening soon? Also, let's not forget, the incredible new Star Wars trilogy that rights the wrongs of those last three... which we don't like to talk about. A new Monster Hunters game came out this week, and I cannot wait to play it. This was the last game title we played together in 2004 and now it's going to be playable as a handheld with the "Nintendo 3DS XL (new)" ((Yeah. Everyone thinks the naming structure is getting ridiculous)). Don't even get me started on how great VR is becoming! Basically, it's a great time to be a geek. I hate not being able to share it with you. Really wishing there was a way to go back to saved points in "real life" right now. Love you. ~Tabbs
I Love You  / Trena (Mom)
Hi Sweetie, It's the 11th anniversary and I so appreciate that there are people who remember. Words can't express how thankful I am that people still remember. A day doesn't go by that I don't think of you and the senselessness of your murder. I love you Brandon. Love , Mom
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