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Thank you for being you  / Heather Auburn Blumenfeld (Acquaintance/Friend of Tabb's )
Happy holidays Brandon <3 It's been a tough year, lots of ups, downs and all arounds, but the things I learned by knowing you, the values that helped shape my life to this day that I gained from our maybe one or two encounters, have helped pull me through. I owe a lot to you and thank you every single day for being who you were and being such an unknown influence on my life. Really really miss you, and wish I could have known you more :) Thank you Brandon, -Heather Auburn Blumenfeld
Birthday / Trena (Mom)
Happy Birthday, Sweetheart.  You are always in my thoughts and prayers.  I love you.

murphymc@missouri.ed--u / Mackensie Murphy
All i really want to say is i love you and i miss you but i hold on to the good memories we had when we were little. I love you uncle chris aunt trena and aunt lisa.
Happy New Years Brandon  / Tabbs (friend)
It's the begining of 2007 Brandon and I wish you were here.  I got a Nikon D50 for Christmas and all I can think about right now is how much I want to go take pictures with you and have fun again.
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